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Just because teenagers and young adults receive these prescriptions, however, doesn't mean they will abuse them, or pass them onto others, cautioned study author Dr

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slated to reach $104 million “Because existing drug therapies to prevent Type 2 diabetes can have

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It helped and so I moved onto taking the daily essentials kit also from Market America which is a multivitamin, opc-3, calcium and activated b vitamins

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As this debate plays out and the attention starts to focus on the intergovernmental conflict instead of the important public health debate, we must not lose sight of three simple facts.

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Leaving the physical effects untreated can be dangerous, making seeking a speed rehabilitation program with these services all the more important

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In pursuing gender-specific results, we found that the association between alcohol abuse and mental illness was stronger among females than males.

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However, there is something additional at work with this nutrient since it seems to exhibit more powerful healthy benefits than most other antioxidants.

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doctor at once if you notice a drop in the frequency at which you pass urine, problems related to movement,

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Hell, as a veteran, I fought for your right to hold them

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Rosacea can recur as flare-ups even when managed

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