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All Swedish employees, residents, and medical staff members are required to sign the Swedish Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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of access to evidence-based treatment (including medications). My theory why “moist” and

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When planning any surgical procedure, talk to the doctor about the risk of blood clots and ask if you need pre- and post-surgical treatment to prevent blood clots

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However, with thec severity and how quickly I can go from functioning to a complete vegetative state, my Neurologist doesnt recommend any of the new oral pills or me going thru the 90 day wash out

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origin way back in 1967 when it was started as R & D laboratory in the Modern Rice Mill complex of Thanjavur

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It is a grey area for me and I desire to learn more

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Pfizer (makers of TCP and Sudafed on the table) in particular played a big role, negotiating directly

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